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Complete control over the weather isn’t possible, however complete control over your pool heating and running costs are with EvoHeat.

Day or night, rain, hail, or shine, our EvoHeat inverter heat pump technology will deliver your desired pool temperature with greater efficiency and reliability than all conventional heating methods – including solar pool heating, gas and electric element.

For more than 15 years, EvoHeat have been building an award-winning reputation for pool and spa heating and cooling solutions that are renowned for reducing energy bills and delivering reliability.

Here’s why EvoHeat are the number one pool heater in Australia:

Extremely energy efficient

EvoHeat pumps are up to 16 times more efficient than traditional pool heating technologies and are incredibly affordable to run. Incorporating the latest full inverter technology, EvoHeat pumps ensure the pool reaches the desired temperature faster and is maintained more efficiently, significantly reducing your energy bill.


Designed for the harsh Australian climate, EvoHeat pumps can operate day or night, in any weather conditions, even right down as low as -7∞C. No need to worry if the sun will be out or if your pool will be warm – EvoHeat pumps take the guesswork out of pool heating.

Flexible solutions

Whether you want to extend the swim season or swim year-round, EvoHeat have a solution for every budget and swim season.

Heat and cool

EvoHeat pumps are equipped to heat or cool your pool water based on your set temperature – so you can be sure your pool is always at the desired temperature.

Intelligent built-in timers

Take control of your pool heating with the intelligent built-in timers. Govern when and how long your EvoHeat pump operates to make the most of off-peak energy tariffs or your own created energy via solar PV.

Wi-Fi control

Control your EvoHeat pool pump anytime and anywhere with the smart Wi-Fi controller app. Available for iOS and Android, the smart phone controller app offers you an easy and convenient way to monitor and control your pool temperature.

Ultra-quiet operation

The low noise fan blades ensure minimal operating noise which is ideal for you and your neighbors!

Sleek design and simple to install

EvoHeat pumps are a stylish compact all-in-one system. There are no roof panels or additional components to install onsite, making them extremely simple to install and maintain.

Cold climate and all weather friendly

EvoHeat pumps work in all weather and climates! Our heat pumps can operate efficiently in -7°c temperatures and when there is no sun out.

Eco-friendly solutions

EvoHeat’s pioneering pool and spa heat pump technology ensures superior energy-efficiency and affordability, all while prioritising the care of our environment.

Latest innovations and componentry

EvoHeat pumps are exceptionally durable, utilising the latest innovations and cutting-edge components sourced from leading brands and manufacturers from around the world. For further peace of mind, all EvoHeat pumps come with an industry leading warranty.

Technical support

Get the right advice and after sales support from our technical support heat pump experts.

About EvoHeat

With over 15 years’ experience in providing awardwinning energy efficient heating and cooling solutions, EvoHeat are the largest and most experienced Australian supplier of heat pump technology.

Awarded the 2021 National Sustainable Product and Sustainable Project of the year, EvoHeat are at the forefront of heating innovation in the pool industry.

For a personalised pool heat evaluation report, including heat pump size, estimated running costs and pool heating information, visit