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Working at heights is a high-risk activity and falls from heights is a leading cause of death in Australia. Adequate height safety practices are essential for any work that involves heights and, in construction, fall prevention is mandatory where the risk of falling is two metres or more.

Height safety practices must be fully integrated on site. Firstly, the assessment of risks by an experienced height safety expert is essential to prevent fall-related fatalities and injuries. An overall safe working environment is critical, and the correct use of height safety equipment is imperative to save lives

To keep people safe when working at height, roof anchor points are required. The installation, inspection, and certification of this equipment is crucial to mitigating risk on a roof worksite and ensuring a building project is completed as safely as possible.

A further crucial step is to properly maintain fall arrest anchors or anchor points regularly by trained experts. It is a requirement of Australian Standards that all height safety systems have an annual inspection due to the highrisk nature of working at heights.

Equipment inspections is an in-depth process that takes considerable time, meticulous attention to detail, and the qualified expertise of certified installers to assess each safety point to confirm anchor points are in safe working condition.

JG Vertical is best in class for rigorous safety inspections and anchor testing

JG Vertical’s qualified industry experts can provide you with comprehensive anchor testing, inspection and certification of any Height Safety Systems. When an assessment is complete, a certificate of compliance is issued to your company.

If inspected anchor points are damaged and need to be replaced, JG Vertical can install new high quality anchor points which they can annually maintain and repair when necessary.

The importance of roof anchor points

Roof anchors are points or anchors installed onto a roof to which a range of equipment can be attached. They are used for: 

  • Arresting a fall 
  • Access to the external facade 
  • General rope access 
  • Working at heights

JG Vertical uses roof anchors to complete work on highrise building such as painting, waterproofing and caulking, flashing installations, and concrete repairs. Rope access is a great alternative to Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) as it is efficient and reduces labour costs.

Roof anchor points can be used on all types of buildings including: 

  • New buildings 
  • Existing buildings 
  • Commercial 
  • Residential 
  • Strata 
  • Industrial

JG Vertical is your one-stop team to ensure complete safety compliance

JG Vertical’s services include: 

  • Design and supply height safety systems 
  • Supply and install roof anchor points
  • Inspect roof anchor points; and 
  • Certify roof anchor points

JG Vertical’s multi-storey painting services

It is a challenge to paint any property that is more than a few storeys high. With varying council fees and regulations ramping up costs, it often seems impossible to use Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) or scaffolding to execute the painting job. In this industry, cost-effective options that are simultaneously safe and efficient must be the priority.

This is where rope access (or abseiling) building painting services can come into play. Hiring and installing scaffolding can be costly in terms of labour and fees. As abseiling is a relatively inexpensive method to paint multistorey properties, it is becoming increasingly popular.

JG Vertical is a specialist in high building painting delivering excellent painting services for both commercial and residential properties.

With JG Vertical services, you are guaranteed: 

  • Experienced professionals to manage any project and whatever the scale, regardless of the condition of the building. 
  • Work across a range of commercial sectors including hotel, retail and construction.
  • Superior workmanship and protective coating products. 
  • Full resources rope access, with state-of-the-art equipment. 
  • Maintenance and repair services. 
  • In-house team of certified building painters. 
  • Customised, timely and affordable solutions. 
  • From single storey buildings to large multi storey high-rise developments, no repainting project is too big or small. 
  • Safe quality control systems to ensure prompt results without incidents and injury.

JG Vertical is proudly a problem-solving company with capabilities and expertise in accomplishing varied works in difficult and inaccessible areas. JG Vertical’s experienced abseiling team provides a wide range of services including painting, cleaning, installations, maintenance and rescue.

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