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 S-7XTRA is proudly manufactured in Australia by Steri-7 Pty Ltd – a 100% family owed Australian company and the full range is available through Anaeron.

When Steri-7 was asked to develop a scented range of solutions by some of our service providers, we wanted to ensure that it not only gave a pleasant lasting scent, but we also wanted it to in some way provide additional benefits.

Working with our product team and getting feedback from our clients we steered away from the usual lemon or floral scents commonly found in the cleaning industry and developed a truly refreshing and clean scent with added Ginger and Green Tea.

A Ginger scent is known to exude feelings of self-assurance and relieve anxiousness, negativity, and fatigue.  It is also soothing and relaxing, which encourages good sleep and improves digestion. A Green Tea scent is known to energise the body and relax the mind while sharpening your mental focus.

We delivered a scent that would enhance the environment around you and promote the feeling of calm revitalization and wellness.  Hearing all the great feedback we have received makes us confident that we achieved this in spades.

All the products in the S-7XTRA range of solutions and wipes provide market leading protection with proven real-life residual and biostatic capabilities.  Simplifying your cleaning and disinfecting protocols, making them efficient and giving you the ability to make better use of your time.

S-7XTRA offers superior efficacy of being able to kill 52+ pathogens including bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi, yeast, and spores in dirty conditions.  It also has amazing material compatibility and is used in heritage conservation on delicate and precious items.

S-7XTRA is highly effective on mould, killing its spores and studies have shown long lasting effects and protection.

We are aware of concerns of damage on finishes, and these are often caused by high active ingredient contents and detergents which can leave harmful residues and unsightly streaking. When using S-7XTRA, you can be assured that your surfaces and finishes will last longer, even on painted and varnished furnishings.

S-7XTRA hand rubs are formulated with no alcohol and are a friendly and effective hand hygiene solution which also works in dirty conditions. Perfect when water is not readily available.

S-7XTRA solutions and wipes are listed with claims as Hospital Grade with the TGA under 232011 and 232014.

We welcome your requests for more information and for samples to try S-7XTRA and S-7XTRA FRESH.

Hygiena are world leaders in ATP cleaning and monitoring. Their luminometers and swabs provide you with a powerful tool to assess the effectiveness of your cleaning protocols within your facilities.

With a range of products from stand-alone swabs to Wi-Fi connected Luminometers and cloud-based software, we can discuss your needs and provide advice on the best approach for you to be able to determine and continually improve on any problem areas. Anaeron provides training and support across the range.

We take the time to understand your requirements and are always on hand to assist you with any question you may have and help you achieve the key elements to a complete solution to minimise risk, support and protect your people and assets and continually improve on productivity.

Developed in the UK 20 years ago, S-7XTRA products have been trusted in Australia since 2014.