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As a premium battery brand exclusively serving the professional market, Procell understands how critical and challenging it can be for businesses to manage their costs at the same time as reducing their carbon footprint. Thankfully, Procell’s unique dual portfolio meets these challenges head on.

By conducting extensive device testing and analysis in our labs, Procell has been able to develop a range of device-specific alkaline batteries designed to minimise costly battery replacements and subsequently reduce the impact on the environment by minimising battery waste.

Our BSS membership benefits you and the planet

The Battery Stewardship Scheme (BSS) is a national voluntary scheme authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, designed to encourage recycling and better waste. The BSS operates through imposing a levy on imported batteries, which is then passed on to consumers to lower battery prices. Plus, the levy is also used to fund rebates for BSS accredited collectors, processors, and recyclers of used batteries.

Along with our local importer, Pental, Procell is a proud signatory to the BSS and fully supports the initiatives and goals set out by the scheme.

Products that make a difference

Procell provides a wide range of high performing professional batteries, from alkaline, lithium coin and high- powered Lithium.

To help you drive the profitability of your business, the advanced cell design of our batteries and their device-specific unique power profiles dramatically extend alkaline battery life. The dependable, long-lasting power of our batteries means you replace less and save more.

Low-drain and high-drain – we’ve got it covered

Procell is the only brand to offer device-specific professional alkaline batteries. Our Procell Alkaline Constant Power battery was redesigned for longer lasting and consistent performance in low-drain devices, and our Procell Alkaline Intense Power batteries were specifically designed with a unique power profile to last longer in high drain professional devices.

No wonder Procell Alkaline batteries are the first choice for millions of professional end-users around the world.

Ready to switch? Contact your local Procell distributor now to calculate your cost and waste saving.