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Restrooms are the most problematic surface/ area for facility managers across all types of facilities – and we love cleaning them!

According to a 2020 in-house facility management benchmarking survey from Cleaning and Maintenance Management, restrooms are believed to be the most problematic areas for facility managers. Furthermore, discussions on restroom hygiene have increased as many have linked its relation to human illnesses, as well as general indoor environmental quality.

While restrooms may seem to be one of the smallest areas in a facility, they often bring about the biggest challenge among facility managers. This may be attributed to the fact that restrooms are frequently used and, whether we like it or not, their level of cleanliness can impact a visitor’s first impression – it can make or break a guest’s experience.

The invisible invaders

A study in an Applied and Environmental Microbiology journal found that roughly 77,000 distinct types of viruses and bacteria lie around high-touch bathroom surfaces such as door and toilet handles, dispensers and dryers, light switches, and countertops.

People feel more unsafe now going to facilities with unhygienic public restrooms knowing the risks associated with lack of cleanliness. It is then crucial for facility managers to pay close attention to restroom maintenance and prioritise these small spaces, in turn creating a huge impact on guest satisfaction.

Where we come in

As strange as it may sound, we actually LOVE RESTROOMS!

After over 22 years in the business, we’ve grown a genuine passion for our industry. We are Impact Hygiene, and as a leader in the Restroom and Hygiene Services, it is our mission to educate and deliver a hygienic environment for you and everyone’s health and safety.

We are a family owned company and, with the length of time that we’ve been in service, we’ve had the opportunity to refine our systems, build a great culture, and gain long-term experience in the industry.

The values we live by

We love providing solutions for businesses when they’re sick and tired of bad smells and unsightly restrooms. We’ve had loads of experience traveling the world and learning about the best technologies available to ensure our customers get the results they’re looking for.

No customer is too big or small. We believe that our core values enable us to deliver excellent services at great prices with you in mind: 

  • Accountable: Accountability is one of our favourite values. Accountable service means we show up as scheduled and deliver the best we can. High-Quality Service is always a guarantee. 
  • Willing and Able: Our experienced technicians are competent with the tools and are trained with the unique cleaning methods associated with restroom hygiene. We’re willing to go the extra mile and are armed with world-class training!
  • Respectful: We believe it’s important to show genuine care and courtesy towards our customers, our colleagues, and ourselves. We care genuinely for your business, if you need assistance, our customer service team are always available to help you. 
  • Always Growing: we are always moving forward, constantly innovating as a business together with our people. As your business grows, we grow with you!

Where hygiene is needed, we’re on top of it

Commercial and industrial businesses may have key differences when it comes to cleaning services, but we still deliver.

Our people are highly skilled, well-trained and share the company’s philosophy to always deliver the best service with a great attitude.

A few of the many services we offer include: 

  • Sanitary Units: Clean, sleek, and discreet ways for sanitary disposal. 
  • Restroom Hygiene Service: Choose from our weekly, fortnightly, or monthly servicing of fixtures, fittings, plumbing, drains, etc. 
  • Urinal Hygiene: Eliminate issues associated with bad-smelling, problem-causing urinals. 
  • Air Fresheners: Keep your restrooms smelling fresh day after day as you choose from our extensive selection of smart dispensers and quality fragrances. 
  • Sharps Disposal: Offer a safe environment for staff and customers through our discreet and professional sharps disposal system.
  • Impact Clean: Bring restroom problem areas back to a high standard of cleanliness with a periodic deep clean. 
  • Drain Solution: A proprietary blend of safe, naturally occurring bacteria into your drain system which consumes the contaminants build-up inside your pipes. 
  • Germicide Misting: This shock treatment against germs will wipe out 99.9% of all bacteria that either causes bad smells or sickness.

We are serious when we say we love doing the dirty work and creating a hygienic and cleaner space for our customers. We deliver optimal results because we care, and we give a 100% quality completion guarantee or no service charge at all.

If it’s a restroom challenge, we’d love to solve it!