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There are key elements to ensure the safest environment and key factors when determining the best products to suit your environment.

The efficacy factor – how effective is the product at treating pathogens found in our environment, and how long do we need to leave them on to make them effective? Do we need to use different products to address mould, or a norovirus or COVID-19 outbreak?

The time factor – Do we need to clean and disinfect separately? – Is there a product that does both to cut down on time taken? How difficult is it to train cleaning staff on their use? Do we need to dispose of the mixed product after use?

The safety factor – Are the products safe to use in an environment around people or children? Will they cause any damage to our surfaces, furnishings, and overall assets? Do we need special or separate storage for them?

There are many products on offer in the marketplace and taking the time to decipher which is best and properly acquaint yourself on how to use them is a painstaking task.

S-7XTRA cleaning and disinfecting products have been developed over many years of careful research and have been exhaustively tested in realistic dirty conditions.

When making your considerations, S-7XTRA is the solution that meets all the necessary key factors.

S-7XTRA is simpler

One product that takes away the guesswork and will ensure that you break up and remove surface biofilms, as well as effectively eradicating all levels of pathogens. Listed on the ARTG with claims to clean and kill bacteria, viruses including COVID-19, mould and fungi, yeasts, mycobacteria TB and Spores.

S-7XTRA is smarter

Containing a Reactive Barrier which allows the product to work once dry, S-7XTRA continues to protect and eradicate pathogens in between your cleaning cycles, removing the need for wet contact times, and leaving you without heavy detergent residues.

S-7XTRA is safer

With a vast range of material compatibility, it is safe to use on all your surfaces including, glass, wood, fabrics, metals, leather, vinyl, painted and varnished surfaces and plastics. It is also food safe, non-toxic, and non-corrosive and can be used in conjunction with bio-misters for large areas.

One product for all situations, S-7XTRA simplifies your training and cleaning protocols with no need to monitor the time from dilution to disposal or how long to keep wet.

Bringing peace of mind by achieving the best results in cleaning and efficacy, saving time and money, and protecting you surfaces and assets.

S-7XTRA also has a safer alternative in hand hygiene with non-alcohol hand rubs. A gentle foam cleaner which meets the requirements for hand hygiene and is the best alternative when water is not readily available. It is also effective on dirty hands while moisturising and maintaining skin integrity.

The range is non-flammable and is great in areas where using alcohol can be an issue, especially for people with dermatitis or sensitive skin.

Non-alcoholic hand sanitisers have been shown to be effective in a recent study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection (Elsevier); Alcohol-free hand sanitiser and other quaternary ammonium disinfectants quickly and effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2 B.H. Ogilvie y, A. Solis-Leal y, J.B. Lopez, B.D. Poole, R.A. Robison, B.K. Berges 3

S-7XTRA solutions are proudly made in Australia

Hygiena are world leaders in ATP cleaning and monitoring. Their luminometers and swabs provide you with a powerful tool to assess the effectiveness of your cleaning protocols within your facilities.

With a range of products from stand-alone swabs to Wi-Fi connected Luminometers and cloud-based software, we can discuss your needs and provide advice on the best approach for you to be able to determine and continually improve on any problem areas. Anaeron provides training and support across the range.

Anaeron is proud to supply the S-7XTRA range from Steri-7, Bio-misters and Hygiena swabs and luminometers which is accompanied by our commitment to excellent customer service and advice.

We take the time to understand your requirements and are always on hand to assist you with any question you may have and help you achieve the key elements to a complete solution to minimise risk, support and protect your people and assets and continually improve on productivity.