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Once upon a time, an everyday Aussie consumer, provoked by poor quality, exorbitant prices, and lack of after-sales service on pool cleaning equipment, threw in his mundane bank job and set about to develop better quality, more affordable alternatives to the traditional, multi-national, well-known brands – all while focusing on good old-fashioned customer service!

After years of prototypes and research, in 2012, Robo-Tek launched a robotic pool cleaner designed in Australia, to meet Australian conditions and was supported by local service agents. Customers were amazed at the power, the performance, durability and, most importantly, the results. On the back of this success, the Robo-Tek range grew to include solutions for not only residential customers but all commercial conditions too, and, as a result, some of the largest commercial pools in the southern hemisphere today rely on Robo-Tek to keep them sparkling clean.

Because Robo-Tek is still a family-owned business prioritising integrity and strong values, Steve insists that peace of mind is of the utmost importance for customers. That’s why Robo-Tek provides an industry-leading, incredible three year “unlimited hour” warranty on the beating heart of the Robo – the motor box.

If exponential sales aren’t enough to demonstrate that Robo-Tek is a good thing, then viewing the unsolicited customer reviews on is a must. Spoiler alert! Robo-Tek Plus has been awarded their annual Top Review Award back-to-back for 2021 and 2022! These awards represent the best and most reliable purchasing choices available to Australian consumers.

From humble beginnings to a thriving Australian business with nine employees, agents in every state in Australia and distributors in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Fiji, Robo-Tek is the quintessential modern-day, Aussie underwater Cinderella business story.

(Not) The end …