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With over 25 years’ experience in balcony repair solutions, Megasealed have the knowledge and expertise to help property managers identify the early warning signs of costly balcony leaks and provide innovative, cost-effective solutions.

A balcony is a welcomed outdoor space, granting residents access to fresh air, views, and space to unwind. However, this outdoor bliss can quickly go awry for residents and property managers when the balcony begins to leak. Without timely repairs, the property is subject to long term structural problems which can cause costly damage if left unattended.

Due in part to an industry oversupply of contractors, leaking balconies are becoming an ever-prevalent problem. As some builders focus less on quality and more on the turnover of jobs, cutting corners has become common practice, and as a result, many balconies are no longer built to last.

There is no point in crossing your fingers and hoping for the best when it comes to balcony leaks, especially when common consequences include, electrical faults, a breakdown of the waterproofing membrane, structural damage, and even collapse.

With this said, the best defense to a balcony leak is offense. That is why it is crucial property managers are aware of the signs and causes of leaks and equipped to initiate repairs.

Signs of balcony leaks

Given the devastating consequences an unchecked leaking balcony, it’s vital to know the signs of a leak in outdoor spaces. Common indications of a leaking balcony include: 

  • Cracking in surfaces or grout lines 
  • Calcification in grout lines 
  • Lifting of tiles and surfaces 
  • Water damage to paint or plaster 
  • Buckling or bending of the timber frame 
  • Pooling water on balcony 
  • Cracked walls

Causes of balcony leaks

Ongoing balcony maintenance is an important measure to protect from leaks. However, even the most effective maintenance program cannot fix errors made within the planning stages of balcony construction. Lack of proper preparation prior to construction, including the incorrect installation of waterproofing membrane, can affect balcony structural integrity long-term. Other common causes of balcony leaks, outside of poor construction include: 

  • Weather causes such as, hydrostatic pressure or expansion in hot weather 
  • Rainwater 
  • Breakdown of the waterproof membrane 
  • Improper drainage 
  • Cracking in the perimeter and skirting tile seals 
  • Deteriorated and porous grout

Balcony repairs

Given the potential impacts of a balcony leak to the overall structural integrity of a building, it is advisable for property managers to enlist the services of a professional waterproofing or leak repair service such as Megasealed.

Megasealed’s innovative leaking balcony solutions, including balcony waterproofing, saves time and money, with an easy solution for most popular types of tiles.

Its advanced electronic water detection and thermal imaging technology allows Megasealed’s trained technicians to quickly and accurately diagnose problem areas to initiate cost-effective leak repairs.

Why Megasealed

For the past 26 years, Megasealed has assisted property managers by pioneering fuss free, guaranteed repair solutions for leaking balconies. As Australia’s industry leaders for leak detection and repairs, Megasealed technicians are qualified to get the job done and conduct their business to the highest professional and ethical standards.

A Megasealed service will have your property’s balcony looking good-as-new in just a few hours, delivering top results at a fraction of the cost without the need to remove balcony tiles.

Contact Megasealed today for a free quote. Megasealed