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As Australia begins to open up again, the demand for accommodation is only going to grow. Many accommodation and hospitality businesses suffered greatly throughout the pandemic. As we come out the other side, you need to get your company ready for the excited customers to come streaming back in.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your laundry equipment and ensure your business will run smoothly throughout peak season and beyond. The first step is finding the right laundry equipment supplier. There are several options out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s what we suggest you look for:

Space-saving options – find a supplier that helps you get spatially creative!

Your choice of supplier should provide space-saving solutions unique to your business and help you plan out your laundry. If your dedicated laundry space isn’t as big as you would perhaps like it to be, pick a supplier that offers stacked washer/dryers and stacked dryers.

Stocks economical, efficient and quality brands

Look for a supplier that doesn’t cut corners and only supplies high-quality laundry equipment brands. There are many players in the market. However, sitting above them all is Maytag Commercial. Maytag Commercial leads the pack in efficiency and cleaning ability, with better results from shorter washing cycles.

Aftersales customer support

A laundry machine breakdown can be costly and stall the operations of your business. Avoid this by choosing a supplier that prioritises customer support after the machine is delivered. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid disruption to your laundry processing. Dependable Laundry Solutions offers a Premier Maintenance Membership. This gives businesses a dedicated laundry machine technician and a discount on labour and spare parts.

Large stock of spare parts

Your supplier should have a large stock of spare parts available at their fingertips so that any issues with your machines are quickly corrected. Ensure your supplier delivers parts Australia wide and can have the part to your business dispatched the same day to minimize your down time.

Excellent warranty options

Ensure to check the warranty options that your laundry machine supplier provides. Essentially, the longer, the better. The longest warranty currently available on the market is offered by Dependable Laundry Solutions. This unbeatable warranty sees all Maytag Commercial laundry machine parts covered for five years and drive parts covered for seven years on Maytag Commercials Front Load Washers.

Find a supplier with experience, and a trusted reputation – like Dependable Laundry Solutions.

Our promise is in our name. Dependable Laundry Solutions has supplied high-quality Maytag Commercial laundry equipment to businesses across Australia for over 50 years. Whether you require laundry machines for your Apartment complex or boutique hotel – Dependable Laundry Solutions will find the perfect laundry equipment to suit your needs.

To learn more about our services, please visit our website or call 1800 629 824 to receive a quote from our experienced team.