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As Australia’s largest owned paint supplier into the Commercial and Repaint markets, Baxta are experts in specialist systems consultancy in paints, textures and renders for tier one and tier two construction projects.

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

At Baxta, we work with architects, builders, and painting contractors that require the best systems, products, and advice to ensure that building finishes, both interior and exterior, are correctly matched to the different substrates used throughout the project.

We do this through our array of top-quality products combined with our unique knowledge of and expertise in paints, renders and textures, and how they must be applied – as well as in what order – to the many different substrates used in the building industry.

Clients who work with us enjoy peace of mind in knowing that the substrates on their project have been coated with the correct systems using products that meet Australian standards, giving the new building excellent durability and lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

A unique product and service package

When you use Baxta products, you can be assured they are top quality: they are certified by the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS), tested in a National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) accredited laboratory, and meet Australian standards.

We also bring a unique package of value-added services to each project at no extra cost: 

  • Systems knowledge: Expert advice on the correct application system/sequence for every kind of building substrate. 
  • Pre-application inspection report: We inspect the whole project and document possible problems, difficult substrates, and potential colour issues. 
  • Specifications: We provide product/application/system specifications for all interior and exterior surfaces. 
  • Periodic inspections: During the coatings phase we carry out inspections to ensure correct film build, number of coats, use of expansion joints, and colour compatibility. 
  • 10-year or 15-year systems warranty: We provide our warranty on the coating systems used, not just a product warranty. 
  • Maintenance program: Our comprehensive, tailored maintenance program shows you how to get the full benefit from our coating systems, as well as warning signs to watch for.

Rapid rise to leading tier one supplier

Within the last seven years, Baxta has become a leading supplier into the commercial tier one marketplace, particularly in Queensland. We have completed more than 250 tier one and tier two construction projects high-rise towers of 4 to 98 stories, hospitals, shopping centres, retirement villages, and entertainment precincts.

Some of the projects that have used our products/systems include: 

  • Queensland: Jupiter’s Casino Tower, Brisbane Sky Tower (98 stories), Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Sunshine Coast Hospital, Kawana Shoppingworld, The Milton, Orion Springfield Central, Botanica Residences tower, The Austin apartments, 300 George Street, Newstead Towers, Lucid (residential tower), The Ruby Collection. 
  • NSW: Byron Central Hospital, Lismore Hospital. 
  • Victoria: Three-tower residential/retail/office project in Plummer Street, Port Melbourne.

Most of our projects have been around our Queensland base and we are now supplying into the Melbourne CBD market. We are also keen to enter the Sydney CBD and surrounds, and major regional centres along the east coast.

A leader with outstanding experience

Baxta is headed by General Manager Bob Matthews, who has an extensive history in the coatings industry. He has more than 30 years’ experience, holding a wide variety of leadership positions with top Australian paint and render manufacturers across several markets (including trade, retail, marine, protective coatings, metal coatings, timber, and new technologies).

Under Bob’s leadership, Baxta operates with commitments to: 

  • Environmental protection: Strict guidelines for product review and assessment aim to ensure we always comply with the highest environmental standards. 
  • Excellent customer service: We strive to exceed client expectations in everything that we do. 
  • Duty of care: We have a duty of care to our clients and their customers in carrying out our work to the highest standards. Close enough is never good enough. 
  • Innovation: We stay up-to-date with technology and product developments in our field so that we can always provide the best solutions and systems for each project’s substrate coatings.

Benefits of working with Baxta

Clients tell us they enjoy working with us because we: 

  • Can provide a reliable system for any substrate 
  • Have excellent customer service 
  • Always deliver in full on time 
  • Offer unique and valuable value-adds to each project 
  • Are timely, transparent and open in our communications with them.

Baxta and its products are the result of a collective goal to define a higher standard in the professional coatings industry. Developed closely with leading architecture firms, interior designers, experienced applicators, major coatings contractors, industry leading project professionals, and in conjunction with innovative manufacturers – and, of course, mother nature – to bring to market a brand and products that are engineered from the ground up to provide higher performance coatings and specified coating systems for major projects and professional contractors.

Baxta continues to innovate the coatings industry by delivering exceptional product performance, coating systems, and quality assurance support to major project architects, engineers, builders, quantity surveyors, project managers, professional contractors and applicators, industry members and their projects.


  • The global and regional drivers are broadly aligned; political and economic uncertainty, climate change, sustainability, and of course, what a post-Covid landscape may look like.
  • While responses to this can be protective or reactive, for the purposes of medium-term colour choices, protective is the more dominant direction.
  • Protecting the planet through sustainable lifestyle choices and self-protection in the form of wellbeing trends has given rise to a surge of nature inspired colours.
  • Geographic colour interpretations are influenced by regional light and landscape, local materials, lifestyle, and culture.
  • There is also a notable nostalgia for a slower pace and simpler times; colours seen through a diffusing filter, desaturated and soft.

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