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A complex with a managed laundry room is a big plus for residents – they love it for the convenience and it’s a great way to generate a steady income. But why does it have to be so hard? With coin-jams, vandalism, customer support and coin collection, it’s a headache to manage and consumes more time than it should.

A usual day may look like visiting multiple machines on multiple floors, lugging around heavy coins as you go. Even if you were to pay somebody else to take on this responsibility, there’s still no way of tracking missing coins or avoiding the possibilities of a strained back. But what if there was a better way? The answer is found in going cashless.

Starting a washer or dryer via your phone and going cashless means coins can simply become an additional payment option or a thing of the past completely.

What are your options?

You could get a card reader on each machine, but, for a residential site with a handful of machines, it’s pretty expensive and can cost up to $1,000 per machine. You could also run the machines with a kiosk, although this option could potentially be overkill for multiple small laundry rooms. We suggest using mobile phone as it’s both cost effective and perfectly suited to small residential laundry rooms.

Another great thing about offering a cashless payment option is that you can unlock new features and capabilities that will completely transform the way you manage your residential sites. In choosing the right provider, you will not only be able to centrally manage all your sites, but also offer the ability to monitor payments real-time, perform refunds, and review customer feedback.

Other features may also allow you to offer residents a discounted wash/dry each week to ensure they use your facilities instead of another elsewhere and remotely start another machine real-time in the case of a machine breakdown. All these options are available, you just need to know where to look!

So, what’s next? Do your homework and look around, but these options are all conveniently available from Tangerpay out of box. Customers can easily pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit cards on their smart phone. There is also no need for them to register an account or share personal details, they can pay the minute they walk in.

Don’t just settle for a cashless solution, utilise the features that are unlocked to you by going cashless – that’s when you can really change the game.