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Having a swimming pool that is looking good but also healthy are not the same thing.

An unbalanced pool could not only be damaging to your health but can also adversely affect the life of your pool. This means the lifespan of your equipment is reduced and you many need to refurbish your pool service sooner than otherwise would be expected.

To ensure you continue to enjoy pristine, healthy water and your pool stays in great condition, there are a number of key steps you need to take as regular routine care. It doesn’t take long and pays huge dividends. As with most things, an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.

What to do and when?

A preventative maintenance program is the best approach in the long run, it will save you time and money. For the best results, the three main areas you need to be aware of are and keep properly maintained:

  • Circulation 
  • Filtration 
  • Water Balance


The pool pump is like your heart, it controls the circulation of the pool water. Proper circulation is essential to the health of the water and the correct distribution of chemicals. Here are our top tips to ensure healthy water circulation. Maintain water level. Ensure the water level is at or above midway of the skimmer box. Without adequate water to flow through the system it may cause your pump to burnout and require repair or replacement.

Check and empty the skimmer basket weekly. A blocked skimmer basket reduces water flow and affects the circulation and filtration process which can ultimately affect the cleanliness and clarity of the pool water.

Check and empty the pump basket on a weekly basis. The pump basket is designed to stop any debris that may damage the pump from getting through. As with the skimmer basket, a blocked pump basket will reduce water flow and circulation. Note: When replacing the pump lid make sure the O-ring is clean and correctly in place.

TIP: Regularly skimming any leaves and debris floating on the top of the pool will minimise the amount of debris that makes it to the baskets.


The filter helps keep the water healthy and crystal clear, by filtering and trapping fine dust, debris and microorganisms from the pool water.

Clean the filter at least monthly or when the pressure gauge indicates a high operating pressure (In smaller volume pools this may extend beyond monthly). A clean filter ensures good water flow and circulation.

If it is a cartridge filter, remove it from the tank and thoroughly clean with a strong spray from a garden hose. Make sure the filter is clean between all pleats. If it is a sand filter, follow the backwash procedure ensuring the pump is turned off before moving the multiport valve handle. Note: Don’t forget to return the handle to filtration after backwashing and rinsing is completed.

Brush the sides of the pool and clean the water line. Cleaning surface dirt off the walls helps maintain the water clarity and prevent algae from growing in the tile grout. Vacuum the pool regularly to remove all dirt and debris that has gathered on the floor of the pool.

Water balance

Properly sanitised pool water is essential to ensure a healthy swimming environment for you and your family. It also prevents algae from turning the water green and black spot growing into the tile grout. Check to ensure

the salt chlorinator is clean and running correctly. Note: Remember to adjust the timer to ensure running times are adequate for proper filtration and chlorine production appropriate to usage and the time of year.

It is helpful to understand the basics of water chemistry. Correct water balance delivers healthy water that is safe and comfortable for bathers and protects the pool surface and equipment. Balanced water ensures the pool shell and tiles are protected from degradation or accumulating a build-up of calcium in the grout and around the waterline.

Maintain sanitised and chemically balanced water

It is recommended that you engage a professional such as qualified Poolwerx technician to check your system, maintain your equipment, and carry out a water test and balance the water with chemicals.

It is important to document and follow a regular maintenance program, and Poolwerx suggest doing it yourself daily and engage an expert weekly/fortnightly or monthly to check and monitor the pool and plant, which will save you time enabling you to make the most of your very special asset. It can lengthen the lifespan of the investment and save you money in the process.

Poolwerx have a range of services and benefits designed to make life easier for property managers, so give us a call and ask how we can help you manage a property with a swimming pool.