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Whether you are designing and constructing a new property or updating an existing one, it is vital to consider how you can add value to your premises through the promotion of health and wellbeing. APT Asia Pacific is committed to delivering Australian made, premium quality, and environmentally sustainable sport and recreational surfacing solutions that support this endeavour.

SYNLawn and Melos playscape, Apartment rooftop, New York

Despite being the sixth largest country with huge open plains, Australia is also considered to be one of the most urbanised countries in the world. Around 90 per cent of Aussies live in capital cities compared to 82 per cent in the USA and 56 per cent in China.

With so much urban densification comes great challenges and impacts including reduced living space, increased traffic congestion and air pollution, increased land and housing prices, lack of privacy, increased exposure to noise, and negative environmental impacts arising from increased energy demand.

There are also the physical and mental health implications of stress resulting from many of these aforementioned factors. The reduction in open green spaces, as well as sport and recreational facilities, could also be a contributor to the declining physical and mental health within the population. So, when considering ways to improve or add value to the lives of your tenants / guests, it’s critical to consider the green and active spaces available, as well as the quality of them.

The inclusion of easy-to-maintain landscaping, functional active and wellness zones and well-designed children’s and pet play spaces add immeasurable value to users and can be easily achieved with the assistance of industry experts. Where natural turf is not considered a viable option or synthetic surfacing is deemed more suitable due to factors such as weather, amount of traffic, usage, safety, or budget, APT Asia Pacific can cater for almost all types of artificial surface requirements.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic turf, acrylic coatings, and polyurethane-based materials for sporting and recreational applications, APT make artificial surfaces for world-class Olympic stadiums, community sporting clubs, schools, backyards, and everything in between. Given Aussies’ love of the great outdoors, sport, and health and wellbeing, APT sees themselves as playing an important role in providing access to spaces and facilities that can be enjoyed by the community.

Manufactured in an award-winning plant located in Melbourne, Australia, APT’s products are available via a large network of expert installation agents who work closely with a variety of customers including, but not limited to, architects, landscape designers, specifiers, builders, schools, and commercial property managers.

Their fully integrated manufacturing process enables APT to engineer, manufacture, and distribute a wide range of products to customers all over the world. Being a part of Sport Group GmbH, APT has a global footprint, an extensive distribution network, and an expanding range of products that can be customised to meet specific customer needs and aspirations.

There are many APT products and systems that can be used for commercial premises, as well as a range of applications including SYNLawn landscaping turf, Laykold hard and cushioned courts, soft-fall for playgrounds and recreational areas, Supergrasse and Omnicourt for synthetic turf courts, plus many more.


SYNLawn is a global leader in artificial landscaping and recreational turf and offers a large range of Australian made grasses suitable for landscaping, pets, playgrounds, recreation, rooftops and balconies.

Commercial properties in Australia and worldwide have used SYNLawn turfs to create relaxing outdoor and recreational spaces for residents, workers, and patrons. One such example is The Palms Lifestyle Village in Whangarei, New Zealand. What started out as a meeting between APT installation partner, GameOn Turf, and the Manager of The Palms Lifestyle Village to discuss the installation of a small bowling green quickly developed into a much larger project. The Manager of the Lifestyle Village quickly recognised how he could create a far more versatile and usable space for residents with SYNLawn’s range of products.

GameOn designed and constructed a 650sqm, low-maintenance recreational area which included a bowling green, a putting green, and full landscape surrounds to accommodate the high-end retirement Village.

In New York, SYNLawn was recently used for a temporary art installation called “The Green” at Lincoln Plaza, which saw 1,300 sqm of concrete converted into a lush and vibrant outdoor space. McCarthy Award-winning set designer, Mimi Lien, chose SYNLawn for this once-in-a-lifetime project because of its eco-friendly characteristics, the soft, lush feel of the grass and its Class-A fire rating. Whilst this was a temporary installation, SYNLawn grass can be permanently installed on many surfaces including concrete, asphalt and crushed rock.

All SYNLawn Australia products are made for Australian conditions, have UV stabilisers, and feature exclusive COOLplus® Technology which keeps surface temperatures 10 to 20 per cent cooler than other artificial turfs.


APT offers a range of soft-fall products that can be used to create a complete flooring system. They are incredibly popular for playgrounds, aged care facilities, walking tracks, and anywhere a safe and forgiving surface is required. Soft-fall surfaces can be laid in and around existing objects or equipment and to any specification as it is installed using a wet pour process. A soft-fall surface typically consists of several layers using APT’s Melos or Ecolastic EPDM / SBR granules and includes a shock absorption layer for areas that need to meet safety and critical fall guidelines.

Due to the large range of vibrant colours available in EPDM / SBR granules and the capacity for clever intricate designs, soft-fall surfaces can bring a lot of fun, creativity and engagement to spaces. Soft-fall surfaces can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces and can be installed on staircases, around trees or to create mounds or balls.


As the Official Court Surface of the US Open, along with other major tennis tournaments including Miami Open and Dallas Open, Laykold is transforming tennis court performance with its range of technologically-advanced cushioned court systems.

Laykold’s Force Reduction courts have been designed by APT’s in-house R&D team to reduce player injury and fatigue by providing a surface that encourages and enables more play. Laykold’s cushioned hard courts offer 15 to 21 per cent force reduction and retains 98 per cent of their cushion resiliency after 10 years (old cushion court technology loses its cushioning within two to three years).

But beyond tennis, Laykold is an excellent surface choice for basketball, netball, pickleball, and general multipurpose use. All Laykold systems are made in Australia and can be customised to achieve the desired performance, playability, and appearance, making it an incredibly cost-effective way to breathe new life into asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Laykold offers a great range of standard, vibrant and tournament court colours, with some systems offering superior slip-resistance making them a suitable option for wet zones. APT installation partner Grassports QLD revitalised an outdoor area at Wentworthville Memorial Swim Centre in NSW by installing Laykold Advantage in vibrant green around a 25m and 50m pool over 50-year-old concrete. The result is an eye-catching, unique, and safe space that has rewarded the community with a “new” recreational facility and attracted many new patrons to the facility.