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With falls from heights continuing to be one of the primary causes of workplace injuries in NSW, how do you know if the technicians and tradesmen working on your roofs and elevated areas are doing so safely? It has never been more important to ensure the safety systems used to protect workers at height are suitable, in good condition and compliant with Australian Standards.

Falls from heights has been identified as a high impact harm under Action Area II of the SafeWork NSW Work Health and Safety Roadmap to 2022, due to the high number of workplace fatalities and serious injuries that occur as a result of this mechanism.

Understanding your responsibilities as building management, Strata or residents is key to keeping everybody safe, and it can often be difficult to understand what the WHS laws obligate us to do. What qualifications are required? Are Working at Heights Permits needed? These are just some of the questions we regularly help our clients answer.

Altitude Access, based in Sydney, are experts in the field of Height Safety, Compliance, Rope Access and Remedial and Painting works at height. The key difference with us is that we offer a complete range of services, from the installation of the safety systems to repair, paint and remediation. Instead of engaging multiple companies to complete each section of a job, why not come to the team who can do it all, start to finish?

Our services include: 

  • Complementary consultations 
  • Anchor installation, inspection and certifications 
  • Static lines, rails and track systems 
  • Fixed ladder, guardrail and walkways installation and certification 
  • Rope access services and façade inspection 
  • Height safety audits 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspection and logging. 
  • Height Safety Management Systems, including SWMS and Risk Management

At Altitude Access we provide transparent, easy to understand assistance to ensure best practice within the Australian guidelines and standards to ensure compliance and, more importantly, peace of mind for workers, owners and operating companies alike.

With over 20 years’ experience in height safety and compliance management, Altitude Access offers comprehensive expertise in the provision of working safely at heights. Our sectors include industrial, domestic and energy structures, from hi-rise buildings to civil structures and more. As a full-service industrial rope access company, we understand the vital importance of working at height safely and offer a full range of inspection and maintenance services.

Why choose us?

The nature of height safety in Australia is that it is constantly being updated, modified and improved, but sometimes that can lead to confusion and uncertainty when different companies offer contrasting advice. At Altitude Access, we have partnered with key manufacturers, industry experts and regulatory bodies to ensure that, with us, you’ll get the best advice, every time.

We don’t move the goalposts or add in hidden charges. We pledge to do it right the first time, and if we ever fall short of that, we fix it ourselves.

All of our work is fully insured, traceable and transparent. We offer a 10-year warranty on all work against defective products or workmanship as our guarantee and every client.