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Keeping track of all documentation while trying to avoid any potential legal and insurance issues can be a time-consuming nightmare fraught with danger. LivMate can help you easily manage the demands of being a property manager.

Some of the many features that you would have at your disposal when using LivMate include collecting, storing, and accessing all your contractor, supplier and client data. The capacity to issue digitally created work orders in the form of job cards that contain all the details of the job and the tasks required to be carried out.

All of this is complimented by features within LivMate that allow you to upload documents like relevant qualifications and certificates and photographs of the tasks when issued and after completion. Notes on the jobs can be added by the issuer or the contractor, and preventative maintenance reminders can be included, helping to avoid potential future issues.

The LivMate communication tool allows you to communicate directly with all contacts within the LivMate App. When used in combination with the geo-location and geofencing features you and/or any other designated person will receive notification that the contractor or service provider has arrived at a designated distance from the site.

You can set LivMate up to ask any compliance questions that you require to be answered before providing access to the building. This feature will also check them in and out so that you know when they on site and how long they were there for.

Knowing who is on site and how long they were there has benefits not only allowing you to track the hours spent onsite for billing but also for emergency management purposes enabling you to account for anyone in your building who has automatically checked in.

The industry is changing daily, and a range of compliance obligations are mandated. LivMate allows you to set any questions that are appropriate for you.

For example: Are you competent to perform duties? Do you have any alcohol or drugs in your system? Are you fully vaccinated? If a response to a question is not acceptable it raises a flag that you can see. The answers are recorded and stored in LivMate.

If there happens to be a workplace issue or legal dispute the records can be retrieved and will show that the contractor has met the required accepted liability for his/her own competency and meeting their obligations.

LivMate is fully customisable you have the capacity to set specifics like: Permissions regarding access to data and the ability to change or add information, your own business or site-specific questions with parameters like repetition cycles and expiry dates, responses that create red flags and the actions that result from that, creation of job cards with tasks that match the location and client requirements, they can be repeated or re-created and amended to suit new situations.

You will be able to collect a great deal of data using LivMate. You may want or need to generate reports that includes information associated with a particular site, job or time period. The report may be required by a manager, body corporate, an insurance company or a legal representative. Working with our developers and client support staff you will be able to create report formats that are customised for your specific needs.

LivMate is fully scalable, the number of sites, contractors, clients or any other parameter is not limited by the design of the application. You can add data as the need arises. In addition, data that is no longer required may be archived depending on how it is structured during the set-up process.

LivMate is an Australian owned application, designed and created with industry partners. All our developers, client consultants and support staff are based in Australia. Your data is stored in Australia, remains in Australia and is covered by Australian legislation.

You will not have to deal with personnel based overseas working in different time zones. The LivMate staff are ready to listen to any requests that you may have and work with you to investigate a plan to create any customisation to better meet your needs.

As well as meeting your property management needs LivMate has the tools to help with your visitor management and staff management including automated timesheets.

If you have assets, they can be tracked by the LivMate asset management module. The communication tool also enables you to communicate directly with residents, send out important information including newsletters.

LivMate really is the application for Body Corporates and Property Managers. Getting started is easy just call Domenic 0428 526 783 or Jason 0412 513 229 to discuss your needs and to arrange set up. We have you covered!