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More and more people in Australia are living in apartment style homes recently and when it comes to living in apartment homes, there is one common problem: Not enough storage space.

With limited storage space in apartment areas and garages, basement car parking areas can quickly turn into an ugly and hazardous dumping ground, how can we manage and safely store our favourite items?

While some apartment buildings offer storage cages in basement car park areas, what’s inside is visible from the outside and those cages can be easily broken in. Off-site storage lockers and sheds cannot be quickly accessed and are inconvenient.

So, what if we can manage and safely store our favourite items very conveniently all without creating more space for storage, paying for off-site storage services, using storage cages, and giving up our favourite items due to lack of space?

That is possible – The best answer to that question is Australian over bonnet storage.

Our over bonnet storage units meet all the residential storage requirements within planning and building codes and in a cost-effective manner, using the existing unused space that is already available over the bonnet of a car without creating any inconvenience to accessing vehicle. There is no need to try creating more space for storage in the apartment and garage.

There are a range of standard sizes of over bonnet storage units starting at 2.1 metres up to 2.5 metres in width with actual cabinet sizes of 1000x1100mm. All models have adjustable legs to cater for small to large SUVs.

The units are free-standing on the existing floor without the need for fixings and are a high-quality galvanised and powder coated structure with a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind and carries up to 500kg. A three-way locking mechanism keeps all valuables safe and secure.

Australian Over Bonnet Storage solutions provide up to 2.5 cubic metres of space – that is the equivalent of a small skip bin. One can store various items in the storage such as bikes, surfboards, sporting equipment, suitcases, garden equipment, long-life food, cleaning products, etc.

Australian Over Bonnet Storage enables convenient access to the things people love without having them underfoot; it’s all about making our lives that much easier with our simple storage solution.

So whether you’re wanting one or 100 over bonnet storage units, call Australian Over Bonnet Storage.