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Goplay designs and constructs specialised playground equipment for hotels, resorts, clubs, pubs, food chains and more. We create spaces that encourage guests to book accommodation that accommodates a play space to keep the kids entertained while mum and dad relax.

Goplay Commercial Playgrounds are Australia’s most trusted commercial playground equipment supplier. A family owned and run company that know kids, have kids and are kids at heart. We aren’t your typical playground supplier; our playgrounds are 100 percent designed and manufactured in Australia and are 100 per cent recyclable. We proudly utilise Australian made equipment for our play structures – this ensures a high standard of quality. This means that on that rare instance that a fault occurs, your downtime will be minimal as we have all parts on the shelf.

Our playgrounds are designed specifically for your space. We spend a considerable amount of time on your design to ensure you get the best return from your investment. That’s right – our playgrounds are an asset and advertised correctly will make a return on your investment immediately.

Playgrounds are a huge drawcard for families, and parents will drive past several venues to get to one with a playground. A playground can maintain and increase patronage to your venue, create new marketing opportunities and provide fewer lean periods during trading times – and in turn increase your profit. Not only will a playground bring more customers, but patrons are more relaxed when kids have somewhere to play, and relaxed patrons stay longer and spend more.

The best part is that you’ll never see two Goplay playgrounds the same! We have a range of themes and colour palettes to choose from while we are also able to create custom graphic panels to suit your décor and incorporate your logo to match your branding.

From freestanding panels to toddler cubbies, custom slides to all-inclusive units, we would love to work with you to help boost your business and encourage more families to spend time at your establishment.

Want something unique? We love designing unique, bespoke play areas! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to a Goplay playground. We want to exceed expectations in every way possible and if that means adding a giant dragon head to your design, you better believe we will deliver.

Goplay designs products that make the little ones nag their parents to take them back to the playground with the monster pod or giant purple slide.

This is your chance to show 2022 who’s boss. With everyone understanding the importance of getting out and about, a Goplay playground can make your business the new local.

We are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. With sales representatives near and far, Goplay understands the importance of customer service. Are you ready to embark on your magical Goplay journey?