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Living in an apartment complex can impart you with a false sense of security. After all, you’d expect that intruders are less likely to target multiple occupancy buildings. 

Yet there are still those willing to target such complexes who look for easy access points. 

Security garage doors to secure apartment complexes

So, what can you do to keep your apartment safe from potential burglars? 

According to Budget Direct, around 54% of Australians turn to security screens on doors and windows as a preventative measure against would-be intruders. 

However, in a complex, this presents more of a problem than it would for homeowners.

Communal parking garages are one of the biggest and most-exposed points of entry for an intruder, as they’re often dark, secluded and hidden away from public sight. 

Secure entry points and cameras can put more barriers between criminals, and you and your property, but to truly reduce the risk, you should protect a communal garage area with a security door.

5 Benefits of security garage doors for apartment complexes

While installing a security garage door will usually be a group decision for those living within a complex, it can benefit all residents. 

They may deter intruders

Any kind of security door is an ideal way to reduce the chance that a potential intruder chooses your building. An open, accessible and darkened parking garage is the perfect cover that can give a burglar plenty of undisturbed time to break into a weaker internal door.

They’re fireproof

Many garage security doors are made from fire-resistant metals, which can help halt the spread of fire. With the increasing incidence of wildfires throughout Australia, this could help offer your property and vehicle in particular an additional layer of protection against fire damage.

Their design includes highly secure locking mechanisms

Security doors typically have some of the most comprehensive locks out there, and garage doors needn’t be any different. On average, they’re stronger than the average lock you’d find on your foot door, and they’ll be far harder for criminals to break through.

They’re constructed from extremely durable metal

Most security garage doors are made out of corrugated metal or similar materials. They can withstand a lot of punishment. While a particularly strong intruder may be able to kick their way through a poorly secured inner or front door, doing so with a reinforced security door would be impossible.

They could actually add value to everybody’s properties

By adding further security to your home, you could add value to your property. Depending on your circumstances and motivation for considering a security garage door, you might need the permission of other residents in the building. However, in a shared complex, the benefit could be realised by all property owners.

Other considerations for apartment building security

If you’re concerned about the level of security offered by your existing building, rest assured that security garage doors are just one of the potential improvements that you can make to deter intruders.

  • Motion detectors are becoming more convenient every day. You can now pair simple units with lights, alarms and mobile applications, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.
  • Security cameras have become relatively inexpensive, assuming you don’t opt for a commercial-grade setup. You can now buy cheap, individual cameras that can be set up on a balcony or upper wall and paired to your phone.
  • Door chains, or security chains, can be installed on any front door access point. These traditional methods of improving security are extremely inexpensive and relatively easy to fit yourself using a YouTube video. This’ll put an extra barrier between you and any unknown visitors who try to force entry.

Security makes everyone safer

All types of security make dwellings appear less attractive for would be burglars. Making sure the garage door, garage windows, and entry doors are secure goes a long way in keeping the bad guys out.