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The proptech’s Interactive Display offering is the ultimate off-the-plan sales toolkit, integrating virtual property experiences, floorplans, and other digital assets, with stock management and CRM functionality for applications such as multi-level residential developments or project home design options. EnvisionVR has created a completely mobile sales platform allowing property developers, sales agents, and buyers to engage on-site or off-site, in-person or remotely, in real time.

EnvisionVR’s virtual property experiences can be used with a VR head set, but also via an App on any mobile device or through a web browser, making it truly accessible anywhere, anytime. Setting it apart from existing real estate VR, EnvisionVR’s immersive experience gives users the ability to freely walk through every room of a floorplan at a 1:1 scale with the assistance of AR.

Driven by his passion for technology and its potential in the property industry, CEO Michael Shaw co-founded the proptech with David Esber in 2019. Shaw’s construction and project management experience complemented Esber’s residential and mixed-use building and development career, helping shape their collective vision of what property VR could be.

In the last 18 months alone, EnvisionVR has developed virtual property experiences for over $500 million worth of property projects across a mix of multi-storey developments and luxury homes and recently integrated their platform into Australia’s leading real estate channels, and, giving potential buyers direct access to virtual experiences through each brand’s website and app.

“My goal is to make Virtual Reality fast, affordable, and accessible, with solutions for developers, home builders, designers, and sales agents,” said Michael. “EnvisionVR allows viewers to be immersed in future spaces on mobile phones, tablets, VR headsets and the web, and has quickly become a leader in the field, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

At the heart of EnvisionVR’s product is improved engagement with a property. Developer’s and Sales agent’s marketing tool kits are enhanced with an experiential property showcase, while property buyers are empowered through more detailed visualisation of a new development prior to it being completed.

“Off-the-Plan developments stand the most to gain from EnvisionVR’s technology, with sales agents being able to engage buyers with a virtual experience to complement floorplans, models and renders,” said Michael. “Our virtual property experiences are an extension of static, single-angle view renders, allowing customers to walk through a space at scale, either on-site or off-site, and inspect inclusions, upgrades, façades, and colour schemes as though it was already built. The experience is so real that the view from each window is the same as what users will see once they step into their new property.”

Custom home builders are also incorporating the technology, with many using it to present new designs and also complement their product at home display centres.

Presenting any new residential project off the plan is challenging, however, showcasing The Ace Residences Bowral to their target buyer audience posed significant challenges for the Mathieson Property team. The primary challenge being the need to impeccably communicate with a highly discerning over 60s audience who were wary of buying expansive, luxurious homes off the plan.

Alex Sicari, Founding Director of Mathieson Property, used EnvisionVR’s virtual property experience to bridge the gap between opulent design aspirations and buyers’ expectations. Whether through on-site viewings, iPad presentations, or smart TV showcases, Mathieson Property’s clients were deeply engaged and the sheer detail and precision of the virtual experience left a lasting impression.

“With EnvisionVR, our team could lead buyers on an immersive journey,” said Sicari. “Exploring every room and dissecting every detail instilled confidence to buy off the plan,” said Sicari. “Buyers were impressed with the product and the design and just felt very comfortable that what they had acquired off the plan was going to translate into the real product that they were buying,” said Sicari, who noted that customer feedback confirmed the design presented, allowing for a better understanding of the details.”

“Customer reaction was absolutely incredible,” said Ray White Bowral sales agent Jonny Tighe. “The reaction we got from clients and buyers when we showed them the walk-throughs and tours, both at site and on the iPad and smart TV is incredible. It gives them peace of mind, comfort on what it is going to look like, and a much better feel when they are buying off the plan.”

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